Utilization of Inpatient Care in California Workers Compensation, 2012 - 2022 . (Research Update Report, Published January 2024).

A CWCI study tracks California workers’ compensation inpatient utilization trends for the 11 year period ending in 2022 using data compiled by the California Department of Health Care Access and Information.  The Research Update report compares the volume and types of inpatient hospitalizations covered by workers’ compensation to those covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal, and private coverage and provides detailed data on each type of hospital discharge event.  The report notes the distribution of inpatient procedures within each of the four payer systems by diagnostic category, examines the increased use of outpatient facilities, looks at the breakdown of Surgical vs. Medical (nonsurgical) hospitalizations; reviews changes in the prevalence of implant-eligible spinal surgeries and major joint replacement surgeries,  compares the average length of stay for spinal fusions and major joint replacement surgeries across payer systems, and lists the top 10 California hospitals based on total workers’ comp discharges in 2022.   Report to the Industry, $18.