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Executive Briefing

Two page monthly briefing that provides 1-2 paragraph synopses of recent Institute research, news items of interest or concern, or action items for principal execs.

NASIs CY 2020 WC Benefit, Coverage & Cost Data Looks at the Initial Impact of COVID on WC... Cal/OSHA Deletes Exclusion Pay Provisions from Proposed COVID Workplace Standards... TD Rates for 2023 Announced... Calif 2021 Nonfatal Injury & Illness Numbers Edged Up Due...

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Quarterly Summary

One to two line descriptions of various issues covered in CWCI publications over the latest quarter. Listings specify the type of publications produced and links to the items on the CWCI website.

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Technical Issues

One to two page summaries usually on a technical or regulatory issue that may require action by our members.

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One to two page summaries on topics of note to CWCI members and members of the workers' compensation community. Bulletins cover CWCI research and other issues including regulations and legislation, industry trends,...

DIR Announces 2023 California Workers Comp User Funding Assessment Rates

DIR has issued the 2023 User Funding assessment rates for the Workers Comp Administration Revolving Fund and 5 related programs established by state lawmakers.