New Hire Pamphlet -- Facts About Workers' Compensation (Spanish)

Basic information about coverage, benefits and medical care under the workers' compensation program. Approved by the Administrative Director of the Division of Workers' Compensation for complying with statutory provisions of Labor Code Section 3551 and California Code of Regulations Sections 9880 and 9883 (Spanish), which require employers to furnish all new employees with state-approved, written notice of their right to workers' compensation benefits. Includes DWC-approved language reflecting changes enacted in SB 863, including updated information regarding PD, SJDB, the Return to Work Fund, as well as the optional forms for physician predesignation and naming a personal chiropractor which were revised 7/1/14, and changes to the benefit notice regulations that took effect 1/1/16. [Revised 9/15] [Reprint 4/20]

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