DWC Issues Revised Drug Formulary Regs

Announced : July 18, 2017


On Thursday, September 7, the DWC issued modifications to the proposed regulations (CCR 9792.27.1, et seq.) governing the adoption of the Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule drug formulary mandated by AB 1124 in 2015. The modifications address some of the comments received during the 1st 15-day public comment period that ended August 4.  According to the DWC, the latest modifications include:

  • Added language clarifying that a compounded drug is subject to the compounded drug regulation even if it includes an active ingredient listed as “Exempt” on the MTUS Drug List
  • Removed a provision relating to repackaged drugs
  • Updated MTUS Drug List header text to match the regulatory language on the Perioperativeperiod definition

CWCI reviewed the revised regs, and compiled input from members to provide written testimony during the 15-day public comment period, which ended on September 22.  Members may access CWCI Comments here.

The notice of modification of text of proposed regulation and related rulemaking documents are posted on the DWC rulemaking web page.

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